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All About Sea Moss

Daily consumption of sea moss can help your body to heal itself in many ways.

1. Builds the immune system and increase energy

Because it can help the body restore any nutritional deficiencies, it can naturally strengthen the immune system and increase energy levels. Sea moss is also a great source of potassium chloride, which will dissolve phlegm in the mucous membrane. Personally, the biggest health improvement I noticed in consuming sea moss consistently is being clear of phlegm and feeling more energized overall.

The late Dr. Sebi, a renowned natural healer, considered sea moss to be a staple in maintaining alkalinity in the body and being free of disease.

2. Soothes the digestive tract

Sea moss is a mucilaginous plant (think aloe vera, okra, and chia seeds). This is soothing and healing for the mucous membrane and internal digestive tract. It also has prebiotic effects, which can reduce detrimental bacteria in the gut and improve overall gut health and immunity.

3. Promotes thyroid health

Iodine is highly concentrated in sea moss, which is majorly beneficial for thyroid health. It also contains selenium, which is necessary for thyroid hormone production.

4. May decrease your appetite

I'm not a fan of diets or weight loss schemes, and I don't want this reason to come off as such. Because I noticed and appreciated this benefit personally, I wanted to include it.

Sea moss is so jam-packed with nutrients, you may notice that you are satisfied longer and eating less. As someone who prefers to "break fast" (the literal meaning of breakfast) later in the afternoon, my daily sea moss makes it easy.

5. Great for skincare

Apply sea moss gel as a face mask for overall skin nourishment. Your skin will be noticeably softer and plump. Because it is anti-inflammatory, it will also calm and improve skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, or psoriasis.

I could list many more benefits but I will stop here. Please also realize that your success with sea moss will depend greatly on your other health choices. Eat more alkaline for best results.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a health care specialist. I am someone who loves to learn about natural health remedies and share what I learn. Always do your own research and consult with a trusted health care provider.


Hear from Dr. Sebi!

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