Welcome to I Am Living Fre!​

I am FreSandra Blackburn (Fruh-San-druh), but feel free to call me Fre (free). Through Living Fre, I am excited to share more about my transition to a more holistic way of living and encourage you on your journey of finding what works for you in a way that is healthier and more ethical.  

My journey into entrepreneurship started with my makeup artistry business, Tickle My Face Artistry. After years of focusing on natural enhancing makeup, I found myself wanting to share more about the inner work-- healthy living and how to care for our skin as an organ. 

As someone who studies herbalism and aromatherapy for fun, I love learning how we can find healing through plants. I naturally gravitate towards natural solutions for wellness and beauty.  


A few years ago, I started making several of our household health and beauty related products. I had also begun my transition to veganism and adopting a more alkaline way of eating, as recommended by Dr. Sebi. Becoming more intentional about what I put in my body and on my skin has had a life-changing impact.


I'm excited to share some of the many things I have enjoyed on this journey. All products on this site will be vegan and handmade by me in small batches. Expect to see new things added over time 😊 

At this time, I have sea moss, both raw and in gel form, available for purchase. Head over to the blog to read more about what sea moss can do for our bodies!